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Suregrow Fertiliser 20kg ***£29.99*** COLLECT IN PERSON FOR THIS SPECIAL ONLINE DEAL !!!


Suregrow Fertiliser is a top quality horse and pony paddock fertiliser.

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Suregrow Fertiliser is a top quality horse and pony paddock fertiliser.

Avoids lush growth and associated health problems by providing slow release nutrients.
Produces specific nutrients in the grass which are considered essential for the well-being of horses.
Lengthens the growing period of the grass therefore providing more standing forage.
Contains the major nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Sulphur) needed for grazing grass growth
Sustained grass growth
Stimulates root development and strength giving a denser sward
Helps to suppress weeds by promoting a thicker grass sward
No need to remove horses during application providing there is 50mm (2ins) of grass
Can be spread by hand
Available in 20kg bags
Application and Timings

Requirement Application Rate Timing
Full Spring/Summer Growth 4-5 x 20kg bags/acre Early March to late July
Autumn Growth 4 x 20kg bags/acre
September to mid November

Spread as evenly as possible. Light drizzle or heavy dew after spreading is ideal as it will gently dissolve the pellets, ensuring nutrients are washed into the ground.

Care Notes

Always store under cover in a cool dry place

Reseal bag after part use

Do not store in feed area

Can be spread by hand (wearing of gloves for sensitive skin is advisable)

Not recommended to be used by children

Do not feed to animals

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Weight 20 kg

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