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Egg-e-Bed Poultry bedding 19kg ***£11.99*** COLLECT IN PERSON FOR THIS SPECIAL ONLINE DEAL !!!


“Egg-e-bed is so easy to use, the chickens love it and it smells great!”

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finely-chopped wheat straw poultry bedding

Meet your flock’s new favourite bedding!

Soft and cosy high quality poultry bedding that’s great for your birds as well as the environment.

Two chickens in a hen house

Encourages Nesting and Laying

The shorter-chopped wheat straw is great for the whole coop, especially the nest boxes where it encourages hens to nest and lay.

High Quality, Made Locally

Only the best British wheat straw, grown on local farms, is selected for Egg-e-bed, which keeps our our quality high and our transport miles low.

Short chopped straw in hands

Double Dust-Extracted

We use an innovative vacuum double dust-extraction method on our bales of Egg-e-bed for a low-dust environment, and add a eucalyptus fragrance for a fresh, clean smell.

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100% British Straw

Made from locally-grown British straw, the by-product of wheat harvesting.

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Highly Sustainable

Naturally sustainable. Composts quickly into a nutritious plant fertiliser.

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Very Low Dust

Double dust-extracted for a healthier coop environment.

Eucalyptus fragrance icon

Eucalyptus Fragrance

A long-lasting fresh smell that helps deter flies and reduces odours

Egg-e-bed Poultry Bedding

Available in convenient bales wrapped in recyclable plastic.

“Egg-e-bed is so easy to use, the chickens love it and it smells great!”

Benefits of Egg-e-bed Poultry Bedding

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Best quality 100% British straw

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Fresh eucalyptus fragrance

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Finely chopped for a fluffy bed

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Soft, warm, and cosy

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Encourages nesting and laying

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Can be home-composted

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Makes a nutritious garden fertiliser

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Suitable for all poultry of all ages


Additional information

Weight 19 kg

Delivery prices :-

3 miles or under and less than £150.00  is £3.00 per delivery

3 – 5 miles and under £150.00  is £ 5.00 per delivery

5 – 10 miles and under £150.00 is £10.00 per delivery

over 10 miles is £25 per delivery

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