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Eureka Sawdust / Shavings Handy Bale Horse Bedding ***£4.99*** COLLECT IN PERSON FOR THIS SPECIAL ONLINE DEAL !!!


Eureka Sawdust / Shavings Handy Bale INNOVATIVE BLENDING
Developed using innovative blending technology, MixBed uses a varied ratio of softwood shavings in varying particle sizes. This enables MixBed to provide all the absorbency benefits of sawdust, alongside the supporting comfort of shavings — the best of both worlds for your horse or cattle.

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Eureka Sawdust/Shavings mixed handy Bale Horse Bedding.

Mixbed was developed to provide a hygienic and comfortable bedding solution for your dairy cows, using a unique, super fine consistency of softwood sawdust to ensure a dry and clean environment.

Designed to provide a versatile and economical bedding solution for farmers, MixBed can be used as either the sole type of bedding for your cows or HORSES as a supplementary bedding. MixBed is a solution that’s suitable across the board for concrete cubicles, earth pens, calf and bullpens, and livestock trailers and STABLES .

Additional information

Weight 10 kg

Delivery prices :-

3 miles or under and less than £150.00  is £3.00 per delivery

3 – 5 miles and under £150.00  is £ 5.00 per delivery

5 – 10 miles and under £150.00 is £10.00 per delivery

over 10 miles is £25 per delivery

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